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Vintage Dellorto

Dellorto MB24A, stripped and cleaned, new needle and jets, screws cable adjuster gaskets and seals.£235.00

Dellorto UB22 BS2
Comes complete with its manifold, new Trumpet and original trumpet angle piece and jetted for an Aermacchi Ala Azzurra/Chimera. Stripped cleaned an with new needle jets gaskets and seals its a complete set up for your restoration
Main: 95 Pilot: 50 Needle: E9 Slide: 40 Needle Jet:260A

Sorry now Sold

Dellorto UB20 BS2
Great little UB20, stripped and cleaned with new seals and parts where required £185.00
Main:90 Pilot:40 Needle:E3 Slide:70 Needle Jet:265

2833 Carb top example. no longer available.

Float valve for 2833 type later float bowl. these are triangular.  £6.25

Arm for opperating 2833 float valve. £18.00

Pivot pin for arm type 2833 float bowl tops. £7.50

Airscrew spring for UB/MB/UA/MA £0.65

Airscrew , 20mm length for UB/MB/UA/MA £6.10

Throttle stop for UB length 30mm plus hex head £4.95

Clip for Choke lifter rod, fits in carb top for manual lift chokes £1.00

Full selection of needles and jets click HERE

UB 20/22/24 #70 slides brand new. For use with cable or lever choke £48.75

UB/UA gasket set , also suitable for MA/MB £10.99

Fuel banjo top nuts for filter type banjos £19.75 each

Fuel banjo single outlet 6mm £18.95 each

UA/UB filters for the inlet banjos. New £3.00 each

UB/MB throttle spring (above slide)  £3.75 also available for UA

UB/MB choke spring for cable chokes. £4.00 also available for UA

B type atomisers with side drillings (4 stroke) Please note A type are no longer available dso use this B type instead.
260B and 265B from stock. Other sizes please ask £22.00 each

52mm mounting holes with 32mm center hole for some single manifolds £9.95 each

52mm mounting holes with 28mm center hole for some single manifolds £9.95 each

Used Parts

UA/UB Float bowl 50° good used £35.00

UA/UB float bowl 34° Good used £35.00

UA/UB float bowl 12° Good used £35.00

UA/UB Foat bowl 90° bottom feed good used £40.00

UA/UB Foat bowl 90° good used £35.00

UB float bowl for use with a filter bowl £40.00

UB filter bowl £16.00 and UB filter bowl clip £18.00

filter bowl spring for above £3.00

Double banjo for the front of a UB float bowl with filter bowl £12.00

Early style float bowl top for use with needle type floats £38.00

Float bowl top for bottom feed no tickler £14.00

Later style float bowl top with new float valve fitted £85.00 sorry out of stock

UB/MB lever lift choke and lid pair. £36.00  sorry out of stock

Clip that holds the choke lifter on/off for UB/MB as well as UA/MAful for your customers. £1.00

UA/MA repair kit for choke. Unlike the originals these two parts are threaded together so they can be fitted through your existing  top. £34.00

Assorted tops available with single and double thread £9.80

Variouse sizes of top rings for UA/UB MA/MB £5.00 each

I have a constanly changing selection of good bodies. UB and MB


UA19S          all at £40.00




UB24S UB24B2 UB24BS2


Float used with good used needles but might be better with a new one. £18.00

Needle float clip £5.25

Complete float for use with tops with seperate float valve Type 2833. LONG  £32.00

Complete float for use with tops with seperate float valve Type 2833. SHORT £32.00

Right                                    Wrong

Wrong                                           right

MB float bowl tend to be deeper than UB so use the longer float, dont use the long float in the UB bowl.

Dellorto vintage SS carb parts now in clearance items. HERE