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VHB  Dellorto

VHB Parts Diagram PDF  HERE


New jets, needle, emulsion tube, airscrew, filter. new slide

 Set up for a Ducti 450 desmo

Main: 135
Pilot: 50
Needle: V8 
slide: 60 



Float bowl nut and main jet holder £5.99 each

VHB Emulsion tubes 265N or 265M or 265P  type 27-30mm £12.50 each

VHB Emulsion tubes 260BD type 22-27mm

£12.50 each

Choke pick up jet available in sizes 7746 
40/45/50/55/60/65/70/80/85/90 £6.10 each

Float valves available in  size 200/250/300 (200 is stock for VHB £18.50 each

Float valves  for VHB £5.99 each

Please note. there are two different float valves used in VHB. Early models have a cylindrical valve seat which is fixed and uses the £5.99 needle left. Later models have a hexagonal valve seat which screws in and should be replaced as a set with the £18.50 version left.

Complete cable choke assembly to replace flip top chokes. 27-30 carbs £15.75 each

Flip top choke levers replaces the cables. 8293 Long 27mm-30mm carbs £16.50 each

Choke piston 27-30 carbs £4.50

Choke piston spring 27mm - 30mm carbs 0.80p

Flip top choke levers replaces the cables. 8294 short 20mm- 26mm carbs £16.50 each

Choke piston spring 20mm - 26mm carbs £1.40 each

I have a limited number of used/Good float bowl nuts for VHB30 C series with pumps, note: the one on the left has a larger thread than a std PHF/PHM version.

Reproduction CNC VHB slides #50.for 27mm -30mm carbs, these have a 5mm cutaway. Excelent quality limited numbers £68.95

VHB gasket and seal set. This does both sizes of VHB from 20mm up to 30mm £11.95 each/per carb

VHB C model pump parts, all parts available  Please ask

Dellorto’s replacement for the half round manifold clamp nut £1.10 each

Genuine half round nut for carb inlet clamp bolts.
These are no longer available from Dellorto so when these are gone that's it
 £2.50 each

Genuine PHF carb inlet clamp bolt, these are now Crosshead supplied by Dellorto £2.35

VHB clamp rings  £18.00 each

Double inlet alloy fuel banjo


Single inlet alloy fuel banjo


Fuel inlet banjo filter £2.95 each

Bolt for holding fuel banjo £1.25

Fibre washer for fuel banjo bolt £0.80