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As the title says a selection of useful rubber parts for your restoration or special. All these parts are new unless otherwise stated. If you cant find what you want here try looking in the relevant other sections. Some engine seals are still listed with gaskets in the Engine section for example.

Grommet for Alternator gland nut £1.40 each

Fork seals for 38mm Marzocchi / Ceriani forks, These are a quality replacement 7mm seal with double lip. £9.80 pair

Please note there are 2 seals per leg so you need 2 pairs for a set of forks.

SS and GT tank rubbers. £6.95 each sorry out of stock

Brembo rubber boot, stop light switch for most Guzzi’s. Please note these are smaller than the Ducati type, the larger opening is 15mm wide  x 25mm deep.  £2.99 each

SS/MHR and others, rubber tank loop approx 100mm dia. £5.90 each

Laverda style tank loop approx 180mm centre to centre £5.90 each

750/860/900  oil screen receiver for crankcase £13.50 each


860 wiring loom rubbers £2.95 each

Cush drive rubbers for all twin models. 750/860/900/MHR £29.95

Cable guide rubber grommet for front mudguard £4.35

Oil filter base rubber seal £3.30 each

Top hat type oil seals set of 4. £10.00 set

750 RC oil pump rubber seal. £4.25

Brand New Rear brake light switch rubber boot ££4.95 each

At last ! New swing arm caps for Darmah and 860.  £23.95 Pair

Replacement rear light rubber (anti vibration), used on some 860 and Laverda’s £13.95 each

Specially remanufactured to the original spec, these are the rubber rings that sit between the clocks and dashboard for Veglia and Smiths clocks. £3.99 each

Brand New Rubber boot for brake pressure switch  std fit Laverda £4.00 each

PHF parallel inlet rubbers for PHF30-36 with cable guides  £8.95 each

Genuine Malossi parallel inlet rubber for PHM 38-41 £9.95 each

 Side panel grommet SD/ 750GT/ late singles, MHR seat, 860/900GTS  £5.75 each

Later 38mm Marzocchi dust boots. These are what are call “low”  and were fitted to most 860GTS/Darmah/SS models with Marzocchi forks  up to the 900 S2 these have the grove to take the retaining ring and cable guide. £12.00 each

Ceriani 38mm dust boots with out the grove for retaining clip as fitted to 860 models and some  Darmahs with Ceriani Forks. These were also fitted to Various Laverda models £14.50 each

Snap rings for 38mm forks , These are the rings used to retain the fork seals on both Marzocchi and Ceriani Forks  £1.95 each

A;lso available for 35mm forks £1.95 each

Brake line guides for Marzocchi dust boots 38mm forks £15.00 each

Rubber battery tray designed to take a Yuasa YB12A-A. Tray dimensions are 135mm x 80 x 25 £32.00 each

Kick start rubber , all twins £6.45 each

Gear shift lever rubber £6.25 each

900SS battery strap and Pantah . These are the same as Darmah however you will need to retain your original Darmah wire attachment which replaces one of the pins supplied fitted to the strap. £16.50 each

Brand New Verlicchi open ended bar grips for use with clip ons or bar weights

 £33.50 pair

Brand New Verlicchi closed end bar grips for 750GT and early 860 models

 £33.50  pair

Generic Closed end bar rubbers as used on LM1 and T3, good touring rubber £15.00 pair

Rubber Parts