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Its always best to keep your original parts with you bike if you can.

Carburettors are intricate pieces of equipment that need to be right. Its easy to spend a small fortune on an engine and  not even think about the carbs. I keep comprehensive stocks of parts for PHF/PHM/VHB and others so you can rebuild your carbs yourself however if you don’t fancy tackling the job yourself I can do it for you. Its always best to go for new carbs if you can but a lot of the classic PHF/VHB and singles carbs are no longer available so rebuild is you only option.

Did you know most common brands of UK fuel like Tesco momentum and Shell V power contain ethanol, between 5% - 10%.

Ethanol fuel has a shelf life of approximately 90 days/ 3 months so if you are one of those who takes his classic bike off the road for the winter remember to drain your tank/carbs or use a fuel stabiliser at your own discretion.

Carbs left with fuel in will gum up.

Carbs with fuel left in them for the winter will gum up as the good stuff evaporates off leaving a tar like substance to block up all you drillings.

Ethanol fuels will take on moisture over a few months, this can cause corrosion in/from the tank and deteriorating fuel lines to foul your carbs even if they were drained.

More information on ethanol fuels here

Example pricing for a pair of PHF 32/36 Pantah Laverda 750 860/Darmah carbs

Included in price

 All gaskets and seals

 Pump diaphragms

 Float valves and seats

 Fuel filters

 Emulsion tubes (needle jets) and needles

 Bodies stripped ultrasonically cleaned and aqua blasted

 All new screws or your old ones re-plated if you prefer

 Re plated manifold clamps and fittings

 New airscrews and tick-over screws

 All other castings like float bowls, tops, and banjo fittings cleaned

 Main jets and pilot jets

 I always recommend you keep your original slides if possible as there are some issues with the modern

 replacement slides.

 Cost is £165.00 per carb + return UPS delivery of £10 in the UK or £25.00 to Europe.


 While I can offer the above service to your carbs you must remember the bodies can and will wear, this

 is not always a problem but new clamp type bodies are long out of production so renovating your old

 PHF carbs is often the only way forward. Replacing the worn slides can help the overall wear problems

 with PHF but the new slides now available do not really lend themselves to the old bodies, they can

 be made to fit but might have throttle stop issues in time.

 If you prefer to have a go yourself I can supply all the parts you need to do the job.

Rebuilt Laverda triple PHF , these have been bored to 36mm

Rebuilt Laverda 500 Montjuic PHF , full rebuild including new slides

Rebuilt SS29D for a Ducati 250

Fully rebuilt VHB 29AD for a Ducati 450.

Carb reconditioning Service