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I usually have a small selection of rebuilt carbs available. These are not the usual E-Bay rubbish with broken, missing and unobtainable parts. These have been stripped, ultrasonically cleaned and rebuilt. Worn parts are replaced wherever possible, new seals and gaskets are fitted and the old needle valves are replaced with new Viton fuel resistant tipped replacements. Remember a lot of these old carbs are no longer available and a rebuild is the only practical solution. If you would prefer to rebuild your own Dellorto carbs I can supply everything you need.

Dellorto UB24 B2  with 20 degree float bowl and lever lift choke. This carb can be configured to suit your needs  £185.00

Main: 105
Pilot: 50
Needle: E4
Slide: 50

Dellorto UB24 B2

Stripped and cleaned, checked over and all complete. 45’ float bowl. This carb can be configured to suit your needs £185.00

Main: 95

Pilot: 50

Needle: E10

Slide: 50

Dellorto MA19 BS5

This is an original Dellorto (not Indian copy) dating from 1959, these were common fit to the Series 1 Lamberetta 150 of the time.

Good working order and complete, ultrasonically cleaned. £80.00

Dellorto UA16BS

Very tidy little UA16BS. Stripped and cleaned with new gasket and seals £160.00

Main: 68

Pilot: 35

Needle: D14

Slide: 55

Dellorto UB22 BS2

Comes complete with its manifold, new Trumpet and original trumpet angle piece and jetted for an Aermacchi Ala Azzurra/Chimera. Stripped cleaned an with new needle jets gaskets and seals its a complete set up for your restoration £275.00

Main: 95
Pilot: 50
Needle: E9
Slide: 40
Needle Jet:260A

Dellorto UB24 B2

 jetted for an Aermacchi 250 sprint 1962. Stripped cleaned and with new gaskets and seals it’s also got new air screw, throttle slide stop, pinch bolt, Viton tipped float valve and throttle spring £195.00

Main: 100
Pilot: 50
Needle: E9
Slide: 80
Needle Jet:260A

Dellorto UB20 BS2

Great little UB20, stripped and cleaned with new seals and parts where required £185.00

Main: 90
Pilot: 40
Needle: E3
Slide: 70
Needle Jet:265

Dellorto MB24A

Rare chance to buy brand new old stock, what can I say, its new ! £245.00

Main: 94
Pilot: 40
Needle: E1
Slide: 60
Needle Jet:265

Red Viton tipped float valve needles to fit UB models with arm and valve in the lid. £6.25

Fuel banjo top nuts for filter type banjos £19.75 each

Needle clips £1.70 each

Fuel banjo twin outlet 6mm …Sorry these are only available in 7mm now. £18.95 each

Fuel banjo single outlet 6mm £18.95 each

Rare later style float bowl top complete with float lifter and new float valve. This one is excellent condition and is £75.00.

Early style carb tops for needle type floats, very limited availability, £45.00 each

Dellorto UA19S

Excellent UA19s with new slide, needle, main jet, pilot jet. Stripped and cleaned with manual lift choke and 90 degree float bowl.  £235 each.

Main: 68

Pilot: 38

Needle: C1

Slide: 50

Dellorto UBF24 BS

Fully rebuilt with New slides, main jets, pilot jets, emulsion/atomiser jets, needles, gaskets and fibre washers, airscrews, springs.

These carbs have new cable operated choke slides, now near impossible to find.

1x UBF24BS for a Ducati Elite

1x UBF24BS for a 200SS

1x UBF24BS for a 250 Monza

These are £325.00 each

NOS Plain 2 stroke atomiser – no side drillings #260  £12 each

UA/UB filters for the inlet banjos. New £3.00 each

UB throttle slide spring £3.75 each

UB Choke slide springs £4.00 each

Float bowl gasket , UB series and others  inside Dia 34mm , outside dia 40mm

discontinued use complete gasket set above

Float bowl gasket ME series and others  inside Dia 29mm , outside Dia 35mm  £3.00 each

Jets and needles are HERE

Clip for Choke lifter rod, fits in carb top for manual lift chokes £1.00

Spring for airscrews 0.65p

Throttle stop for UB length 30mm plus hex head £4.95

Airscrew 20mm length £6.10

UA throttle slid spring £3.75 each

UA choke slide spring £4.00 each

Dellorto MB22B

Nice example of a 22B, stripped and cleaned and rebuilt with new gaskets and seals, lever lift choke , currently set as

th…… no nylon sleeve in manifold side £215.00

Main: 100

Pilot: 40

Needle: E12

Slide: 70

UB/UA gasket set , also suitable for MA/MB £10.99

Fibre washer for UB banjo fitting, 2 needed.  £1.80 pair

UA/UB   MA/MB Carbs and parts

UA/UB MA/MB parts

Good used Float bowls for all UA/UB carbs available in four angles, 0 degree (horizontal) 12 degree, 50 degree, 90 degree (vertical) as per the attached photo. All at £35.00 each

Complete float bowls available  to your spec, single or double banjo, choice of angles, new gaskets and seals /fuel filter £82.00 each

Arm for raising float valve in later carb tops £18.00

Pivot pin for float valve arm £7.50

Float assembly for later bowls with separate Viton  float valves £29.00 each

Float assembly for early bowls with needle valves £29.00 each

New needles for needle valve type floats £14.75 each

Various assorted fuel inlet banjos used

B type atomisers with side drillings (4 stroke) Please note A type are no longer available dso use this B type instead.

265B from stock. Other sizes please ask £22.00 each

V and E series needles for UB/MB HERE

Other  sizes D, M, C etc available in very limited numbers now please ask.

Complete float bowl, bottom feed with filter assembly/banjo etc ready to fit £95.00

Float bowl for above  £40.00

Filter bowl for above £18.00

Retaining clip for filter bowl above. £22.00

Carb top rings,22/24 etc used but good £12.00 each

UB 20/22/24 #70 slides brand new. For use with cable or lever choke £39.75

52mm mounting holes with 28mm center hole for some single manifolds  £9.95 each

52mm mounting holes with 32mm center hole for some single manifolds  £9.95 each