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Parts diagram for Dellorto VHB carbs


NEW Dellorto VHBT gasket and seal kit £11.50 each (each kit does one carb.)

NEW Dellorto alloy banjo fuel inlets for PHF/PHM. Limited quantity. £7.95 each.

Genuine Dellorto pilot jets M5 x .75 mm PHM/PHF/VHB etc available from stock HERE

Genuine Dellorto Main jets M6 x .75 mm PHM/PHF/VHB etc available from stock  HERE

PHF/M Air screw short tip (2.5mm) £4.80

PHF/M Air screw short tip (2.5mm) kit. £6.00

Fuel inlet banjo filter £2.00 each

PHF/M tick over screw, slide height stop. Kit £7.25

Fuel Banjo bolts M5 £1.00

Float bowl nut and main jet holder £5.99 each

VHB float valves the seat is a fixed part of the carb. This is the rubber tipped valve to suit. £5.99 each

VHB Emulsion tubes 265N or 265M  type 27-30mm £9.50 each

Most V series needles are long out of production and stock so what I have are ether NOS/Used/Reproduction from Dellorto.

Pleas see here

Double banjo inlets particularly useful on singles £7.95 each

Dellorto VHB 25 BD

Rebuilt with new fuel filter and banjo pipe fitting, cable adjusters, tick-over screw and air-screw as well as all new seals and gaskets. Also fitted with a new fuel resistant Viton red tipped float valve. £95.00

Pilot: 40

Main: 115

Slide: 50

Needle: E30

Dellorto VHB29 AS . Stripped cleaned with new Viton red tipped float valve, new needle, flip top choke and gaskets and seals.

Currently jetted for a 250/350 Mark3 or desmo. But can be jetted to your spec. £185.00

Main: 112

Pilot: 45

Needle: V13

slide: 40

The original VHB carbs were the A series , these had the brass float bowl nut which was also the main jet holder, they also had the early rounded float bowls.

The B series were the same as the C series but without pumps.

The later C series had the PHF style float bowl and nut with the main jet fitted to an internal Accelerator pump operated by the needle  rising with the slide.  

S in the designation means Left hand adjustments D means Right hand adjustment

The number 29 for example is the throttle size in mm

So a VHB 29 AD is a 29mm  A series with Right hand adjusters.                 

Dellorto VHB 30 CS (new)

Is this the last brand new VHB 30 anywhere ? Stripped and checked but its brand new so apart from replacing a few seals it was perfect £175.00

Pilot: 50

Main: 125

Slide: 40

Needle: V9

Genuine  PHF/M carb inlet clamp bolt £2.75

Genuine half round nut for carb inlet clamp bolts.

These are no longer available from Dellorto so when these are gone that's it  £2.50

I have a good selection of VHB 27AD/AS bodies and slides so please ask if you need anything made up to your spec

VHB 22 DD/DS x4

Rebuilt bank of four carbs for a Benelli 500/4 with new jets and float valves, float bowl O rings etc.. Ultrasonically cleaned, the slides are almost like new so I would think these have had very little use.   £395.00 Please quote Code B3

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NEW Flip top choke levers for PHF carbs, replaces the cables. 8293 Long  £12.95 each

M6 Carb top cable adjuster long £4.85

M6 Carb top cable adjuster short £2.85

M6 Nut for carb top cable adjusters 40p

Complete choke assembly to replace flip top chokes.  £11.50

Choke piston £3.99

Choke piston spring 0.80p

Choke mount casting £3.99

Carb clamp rings for VHB carbs 27-30mm.  £12,00 each bolts and nuts extra

Nylon manifold sleeves available in several sizes PHM 40 £3.00 each /PHF £8.00 each

  VHB(Z) 25mm/ 23mm ID/28mm ID/ SMA 18-20mm  / VHB(T) 27-30mm all £3.00 each

Dellorto stickers available in widths  100mm 130mm 170mm 190mm  50p each


Ultra rare opportunity to purchase Brand new VHB27AD Aermacchi carbs (2 available)  £275.00 Each

Absolutely brand new and in perfect factory condition,  Currently jetted

Main: 105

Pilot: 55

Needle: V3

slide: 60


Fully rebuilt 29AD with new Slide, Needle, Atomiser and jets + float valve, slide stop and airscrew, all new gaskets

Not you usual ebay rubbish :-) Currently set up for a Ducati 450 Mk3  £265.00

Main: 155

Pilot: 50

Needle: V7

slide: 60

Atomiser: 260T

Float bowl O-Ring, £2.25 each


Really nice set of 30’s with accelerator pumps. These have been fitted with new slides,needles, jets, float valves, clamps and fittings, new gaskets seals and nylon sleeves, fuel filters, tickover screws and airscrews. Really nice set of carbs fully rebuilt £375.00

Can be supplied with either cable or flip top chokes and single of double banjo fittings ?

Main: 125

Pilot: 50

Needle: V9

slide: 50

Atomiser: 265

Accelerator pump/main jet holder assembly complete for VHB 30 CS/CD carbs £48.00 each


Fully rebuilt 29AD with new Slide, Needle, Atomiser and jets + float valve, slide stop and airscrew, all new gaskets

Not you usual ebay rubbish :-) Currently set up for a Ducati 250 Mk3  £265.00

Main: 110

Pilot: 40

Needle: V13

slide: 40

Atomiser: 260M

Dellorto VHB carbs and Spare parts