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Carb clamp rings for PHM carbs. £12,00 each bolts and nuts extra

Choke pick up jet PHM available in sizes

7746- 40/45/50/55/60/65/70/80/85/90 £6.00

K series needles for PHM available in all sizes

Please see the needles and needle clips page HERE

PHM Air screw short tip (2.5mm) £4.80

Other tips and lengths available on the PHF spares section

PHM Air screw short tip (2.5mm) kit. £7.35

PHF/M tick over screw, slide height stop. Kit £7.25

M6 Carb top cable adjuster long £4.85

M6 Carb top cable adjuster short £2.85

M6 Nut for carb top cable adjusters 40p

Fuel Banjo bolts M6 £1.10

Carb top bolts M5 £1.10

Genuine  PHM carb inlet clamp bolt £2.35

Genuine half round nut for carb inlet clamp bolts.

These are no longer available from Dellorto so when these are gone that's it  £2.50

These cable angle fittings for carb tops will fit PHM and many others. They are available in 50 70 90 degree angles. £5.40

Plastic cover for slide height screw, fits round knurled type not hex hd £3.00 each

PHM white floats £14.00 each

PHM Plastic carb tops.£5.00 each. Please state which you requirte as PHF and PHM are different sizes

NEW Dellorto PHM gasket and seal set £14.50 each  ( each kit does one carb)

Dellorto alloy banjo fuel inlets for PHM 7mm .  £8.95 each.

Genuine Dellorto pilot jets M5 x .75 mm PHM/PHF/VHB etc available from stock  HERE

PHM Emulsion tubes available in sizes

8540-260/262/265/268/270 £11.50

Main jet holders in 2 sizes

Short 8885 £6.95

Long 8552 £6.95

Fuel inlet banjo filter £2.95 each

Parts diagram for Dellorto PHM carbs

PHM diag.pdf

Dellorto stickers available in widths  100mm 130mm 170mm 190mm  50p each

NEW  These are really nice copies of the original PHM metal tops no longer available. These are CNC produced but I have refinished them to a high standard to match the original castings. £36.50 each Sorry, unavailable

Float bowl nut 14mm spanner size used on most PHF/M carbs £16.25 each  

Float bowl nut 21mm spanner size used on later PHF/M carbs £16.25 each

Float bowl nut  14mm spanner size washer used on most PHF/M carbs £0.70p each

Float bowl nut 21mm spanner size washer used on some later PHF/M carbs £0.70p each

Double banjo inlets particularly 7mm £8.95 each

Brand new PHM 40AS/AD  Clamp fit

 in  stock. These come jetted from Dellorto for the 900SS. These are tickler  carbs. £475.00 pair  

New stock just arrived. Please note the carbs no longer come with the black trumpets included……..

Do you want your new PHM 40’s with original rounded float bowls ? Deep 14mm float bowl nuts ? Metal tops and metal banjo fittings ?

Carb tickler button and stem and clip. For use on PHM but also useful on vintage single type carb tops

£4.75 each

Throttle slide spring 0.7 KG Light  £5.95 each

Throttle slide spring 1.4KG  Medium £5.95 each

Throttle slide spring 1.77KG  Heavy  £5.95 each

Dellorto’s replacement for the half round manifold clamp nut £1.10 each

PHF / PMM carb tops to suit LeMans 1 and Laverda for example. £16.25 each

Genuine Dellorto pilot jets M5 x .75 mm PHM/PHF/VHB etc available from stock HERE

PHM LeMans side lift cable arm RHS with spring return attachment ( no slide spring) £22.00

PHM LeMans side lift cable arm LHS with spring return attachment ( no slide spring)  £22.00

PHM Cable op Slide lift arm  £14.00 each

Dellorto PHM carbs and Spare parts

External linkage rod for PHM £6.95

External linkage rod spring for PHM £3.55

PHF/PHM float valves available in  sizes 200/250/300 (250 is stock for PHF 32) Dellorto price £21.76

my price£18.50 each

Dellorto PHM carb spare parts

Good used square float bowls to take early 14mm deep style nut £38.00 each

 no longer available new from Dellorto

Good used Early style rounded float bowls to take the early style 14mm deep style nut £45.00 each

no longer available new from Dellorto

Fibre washer for banjo bolt £0.60 each

PHM Choke casting £19.00

PHM Choke casting gasket £.060

PHM flip top choke unit for casting above £19.00

PHM cable choke fitting £11.00

PHM choke casting mounting screws (3 needed) £0.60 each

Dellorto PHM Special parts

Dellorto PHM 38 LS

Large 2 stroke carb in excellent condition, stripped cleaned and checked with

Main jet:225
Pilot jet: 55
Slide: 40
Emulsion tube: 270AB
Needle: K1


Accelerator pump nozzles for PHM available in sizes

7851-40/55/38/50/35 £6.25

Accelerator pump nozzle holder PHM  7470 £8.25

Accelerator pump pick up jet/valve for PHM

Part No.8557  £8.20

Pump adjuster stop and nut £4.65 pair

Accelerator pump diaphragm  Dellorto price £21.76

My Price £19.50   

Accelerator pump diaphragm pump spring £1.55 each

Diaphragm pump housing screw and washer in stainless £0.70p each  3 needed

Pump housing bare casting £24.00 each new. £15.00 each good used

Dellorto accelerator pump parts

Accelerator pump Arm for PHM 38/40/41 £4.80

Accelerator pump pin with spline for PHM Metal tops £2.30

Accelerator pump pin without spline for PHM plastic tops £2.30

Accelerator pump arm spring for PHM £0.80

Pump top casting non return valve £16.00 each (Sorry even that's cheaper than Dellortos price)

Pump diaphragm gasket £3.45

Pump adjuster o-ring £0.70

Pump top casting valve o-ring £0.70

Pump nozzle o-ring £0.70

Pump nozzle holder fibre washer £0.45

Float bowl O-Ring, £2.25 each

NEW  These are really nice replacements for the std PHM plastic tops in CNC machined alloy, made in Germany with the dellorto logo on the top. £32.50 each

NEW Genuine Malossi Clear float bowls, essential for setting and checking float heights

For PHF/PHM amd PHBE  £29.95 each

Brand new PHM 40 NS1/ND1  Rubber mount

These come with cable chokes and are jetted for Guzzi aplication but easily changed

Main: 165
Pilot: 60
Atomiser: 260AB
Slide: 60/5
Needle: K4
Choke: 60

£475.00 Pair