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Square case selector box cover £38.00

NEW Sprocket lock ring tab washers £2.30 each

NEW Front Sprocket locking ring £8.20

Layshaft selector forks new  list £285 with VAT, my price just £175.00

Layshaft selector forks used. These have minimal wear. I have miked them up and they are within a couple of hundreds of a MM

List £285.00 my price £99.00

860 selector box input shaft and plate £45.00

860 selector box locator plate and output shaft £32.00

Selector box cam adjuster screw and lock nut £5.00

860 selector box return spring plate £8.50

Darmah type starter chain sprocket and drive cog

Part no’s 0799 50 040/0755 50 020  £65.00

Square case kickstart shaft ratchet gear £65.00

Square case kickstart shaft gearbox drive gear gear £65.00

Spacers for behind the clutch basket £2.00

Darmah and SS selector drum in great usable condition. £65.00

Early selector drum for 860 etc with cross over shaft or right foot gear change  £65.00 sold out

860 clutch and starter cover /housing £155.00 Each

Part no 0759 50 550

Darmah clutch and starter cover/housing £165.00 Each

Starter drive cover for a Darmah with brass bushes £45.00

Clutch adjuster cover for most 860/900 models   £45.00 Each

PART NR 076913150  Length 134mm  shorter  version of the selector gear shaft used on some Darmahs and 900SS , this one is Brand New and very rare now. £125.00        

PART NR 076913150  Length 134mm  shorter version of the selector gear shaft used on the early Darmahs with cranked gear lever and the 900SS bosch engines. This one has minor damage to one or two teeth on spline but is quite usable. £85.00

Half ball screw rocker adjusters for non Desmo’s. These also fit the Singles. £10.00 Each

These are 860 non Desmo rockers. Professionally refaced with a new Stelite pad brazed in place of the old cast and chromed item. This is the industry std now and is better wearing than the old chrome items.

Available as an exchange item at £85.00 each  £160 pair or £300 for set of four

Excellent clutch pressure plates for a bevel twins

£45.00 each

Bosch engine clutch basket and primary drive gear unit

Excellent condition £120.00 Each 3 available

Wide stud Desmo Rear head, blasted and in good condition. One bottom fin has been welded but nothing will show once  mounted on the barrels ( see underside picture.) Good threads including exhaust Because its been welded this is just £465.00 so be quick.

PART NR 075592550 Upper bevel housing  £48.00 each

PART NR 075529085  Upper bevel support casting for self aligning bearing £32.00 each

PART NR 075929071/ 2/3/5 Brass shims for lower bevel housing available in sizes 0.01 0.02 0.05 and .5

Please ask. £2.00 each

I have a selection of alternator covers but none are perfect.

Please ask.

Cleaned and blasted rocker covers, £34.00 each   

Nice pair of 860 cam bearing housings. Sold separately

£60.00 Each

Rev counter drives for Nippon denso clocks 3.25:1 ratio. Used £165.00 last one.

Rev counter drives for Smiths/ Veglia clocks 2:1 ratio. Used £165.00

Good clean rear Bevel covers  £35.00 Each

Set of four low type early rocker covers for round case £150.00 set

New & used odd parts

Brand New Grommet for Alternator gland nut £1.90 each

Original Ducati Brass gland nut for alternator cover wiring £9.50 each

Does not include the rubber grommet above.

Black plastic screw in section of gland nut above £4.50 each