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SS and R series carbs and parts

Dellorto SS1 27D. Fully rebuilt and checked over, this is supplied with a new choke plunger and spring as well as nipple.

Slide is an 80, Needle is an M14. There are two segments missing from the top ring but these are still available new. Good usable racing carb. £395.00 now 295.00

Dellorto SS1 29D

Absolutely stunning Early SS with chrome top ring and fuel banjo, remote SS1 float chamber. Complete and in excellent condition with impossible to find M14 needle as new. Choke piston, nipple and spring are all correct. £675.00 now £500.00

Main: 130
Pilot: 50
slide: 80
needle: M14

Very smart float bowl complete

 This is currently set up as a top feed with tickler button. I dont know what it is off ?? It is a screw top like an SS or R series but smaller, some where between an R series and a UB type in size. 19mm Internal diameter fuel connection , 44mm external diameter at top of bowl £105.00

SS1 float bowl 12 degree angle

This is just the bowl with nothing else.

25mm Internal diameter fuel connection , 49mm external diameter at top of bowl £42.00

Dellorto RCF26S Great little carb dating from about 1950, these were used on the Gilera 250 and some Morini’s of the period among others.

This one is complete and original £235.00

Dellorto RD 28S

A good complete and rare in this condition RD. Stripped a cleaned. £265.00 now £250.00

Main: 115

Pilot: 55

Needle: L3

Slide: 70

Needle jet: 270/2

New parts SS choke set. Plunger , nipple and spring £23.95

New parts SS choke top nut for cable entry £7.99

Complete float bowl, top feed 12 degree angle SS type. Used but complete £85.00

Complete float bowl, Bottom feed12 degree angle SS type float has a solder repair but seems fine £85.00

Used SS Idle jet  #40 £38.00

Used SS Idle jet  #50 £28.00

SS27-30 slide #110 with signs of wear but usable £35.00

Good used Venturi OD/39mm , Bore 34.8mm £38.00

SS float bowl nut 18mm AF 15mm internal . Wear to the hex but will still tighten up £10.00

 SS1-C  Float pull up valve  Part number: 2545  used £15.00

 SS1-D  Float pull up valve  Part number: 2513  used £15.00

SS 25-30 main jet holder used but good £18.00 each

SS1-2 Main jet holder single bleed hole 30-35mm part number 1125  New £25.45

SS 32-35 atomiser part number  1128 new £17.50

Good RCF26 body, just the body casting used but good £45.00

Good SS27A body, just the body casting used but good £45.00

Good RCF25B body, just the body casting used but good £45.00

RC/RD float bowl nut used £16.00

RC/RD type main jet holder/emulsion tube #270  and #105 main jet £38.00 pair will split

Emulsion tube #266B type with #115 main jet £38.00 pair will split

RC/RD float  bowl nut with bowl drain £16.00

RC/RD float bowl drain nut used £12.00