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NOS Scarab brake splitters.
These have the std M10x1 brake fittings but require the above imperial thread pressure switch. This dates back from the Lockheed days. Pressure switch shown but not included  £14.50 NEW

Brand New front brake pressure switches for Guzzi, Ducati, laverda with Brembo fitting ie: M10x1

Fit using a new copper seal washer (not supplied) as you would a std brake banjo.

£14.50 NEW

Brand New brake pressure switches to fit the Scarab splitter also available on this site. These have an imperial thread.   £14.50 NEW

260mm one piece disc from a Pantah. 6.2mm thickness and will clean up in use.  very serviceable and just £75.00

Brand New Rubber boot for brake pressure switch £4.00 each

Special washers for Stainless steel disc rotor fixings. 9 per disc needed £0.45p each

Moto Guzzi rear brake plate aqua blasted, excellent £42.00

Drum brake plate with shoes and springs for 750/860 £85.00

Sorry shoes are now sold, plate only £45.00

Darmah eccentric adjusters. These ar becoming a rarity now, most I see are butchered or split.

These are good £48.00 each or £80 a pair

860 and poss 750 rear brake hub complete. Should clean up nicely. £75.00

Front SS, SD, MHR spindle used. £20.00

Front Pantah, as SS but shorter £20.00

Brand New Sprocket tab washers. You need a pair of these and one needs to be cut where marked as your bevel Ducati has a  5 bolt fixing £6.00 Pair

Wheel spacer 33mm x 33mm Used cleaned and re plated. £4.00 each

Cush drive spacer for 860/900 spacer Part No. 079780298 Used cleaned and re plated. £14.00 each

Wheel spacer 32mm x 17mm Used cleaned and re plated. £3.50 each

Wheel spacer 30mm x 5mm Used cleaned and re plated. £3.00 each

Wheel spacer stepped 35mm x 15mm  bore 25mm and 17mm Used cleaned and re plated. £9.50 each

Rear wheel spindle all models 860/900 GTS/SS/SD used cleaned and re plated. £24.00

 Front wheel spindle nyloc with washer M16 x 1.5 £3.00

Cable adjuster pair, wheel and nipple for rear brake  £7.50

Caliper conversion brackets, these allow you to fit P4 30/34 calipers to P08 mounts Hard alloy anodised black £87.00 Pair

This will fit 300mm discs or 280mm discs depending on which way up they are mounted

Rear wheel plain full nut with washer M16 x 1.5 £3.00

New high quality repro Brembo 4 way brake splitter anodised black 4x M10 x1 fittings £32.40 each

Original splitters for Darmah/860/900SS stripped and re anodised £28.00 each

Rear splitter for a Darmah 1 only available £28.00

Laverda triple rear caliper bracket, excellent condition in primer  £55.00

EBC organic pads for P08 calipers, these are non-sintered so fine for cast iron discs. £17.49 pair

High Tensile stainless bolts to hold disc rotors to the carrier £0.35p each

9 per disc needed

Brand new EBC 6 bolt discs for Darmah/SS/MHR. Fully floating Stainless rotors on Alloy carriers available in left or right pattern so scroll of drillings go the same way on each side when mounted. £175.00 each

Brake discs and other parts

Genuine Brembo 6 bolt disc carriers for Laverda and later bevels, used   £85.00 each these work really well with the  stainless replica discs above.

These are Stainless steel replacement disc rotors for std Ducati 6 bolt carriers used on later bevel twins. They should be used with non sintered pads. £142.00 each