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Brand new Genuine Ducati pre bosch engine 860 Neutral light switch, also 888, 916. Passo etc £29.50 each

2 wire Alternator winding used. As usual with these the output wires have hardened over time and need to be replaced. Easy job just a couple of soldered joints. £40.00

Set of four alternator winding securing screws and plates £12.00

860 stator windings 80.00 Each  Please ask as some of these will need new output wires.

Brand New Grommet for Alternator gland nut £1.40 each

Conventional copper core HT lead in the original 7mm dia £4.50/meter

Lucas Rita ignition pick up cover NOS £24.50 each

Lucas Rita cam nuts. These ar left hand thread with a hex drive and replace the original cam shaft nut £14.00 each

Lucas Rita hex drive key that links cam to reluctor. £2.00 each

Darmah SSD coil mounting brackets.  £15.00 each

New front brake pressure switches for Guzzi, Ducati, laverda with Brembo fitting ie: M10x1

Fit using a new copper seal washer (not supplied) as you would a std brake banjo.

£12.50 NEW

New in. Rear brembo fitting M10x1 pressure switches with banjo fitting

£18.50 NEW  As above with banjo fitting

Thommaselli/ Domino starter button and kill switch. Can be used to convert your Darmah/Pantah or Laverda to twin pull throttle with the Daytona 2C throttle while retaining your electric start on the RHS. Switch unit £38.50

Thommaselli/Domino ON/OFF ignition kill switch (no starter) £28.50

Replica CEV indicators. These are high quality reps. Far better than the original but without the CEV number/lettering on the back. £34.00 each

Genuine NGK resistor plug caps in RED £3.95 each

Genuine NGK resistor plug caps in BLACK £3.95 each

NGK B7HS plugs, std fit for Darmah/900SS and many others £3.20 each

NGK B5HS plugs, std fit for 860 models. £3.20 each

Brand New Darmah/Pantah/Paso/S2  starter Solenoid.  £23.95 each

New Brake pressure switches to fit the Scarab splitter also available on this site. These have an imperial thread.   £17.50 NEW

Brand New Direct replacement Darmah flasher units. These fit the original CEV mounts £7.00 Each

12v Voxbell pair for Lav, Ducati, Guzzi. £65.00 pair

PART NR 075946450  rotors used bt good. £39.50 each

PART NR 079950460  ignition rotor  £42.00 each

Darmah side stand switch. These switches are “on” when the button is “out” (stand down) they do not have a lock nut, screw right in and tighten.

£28.50 each Please ask

Electrical Parts

Single 12v Voxbells £34.00 each

Its impossible to find original new Indicator warning lights but these are exactly the same panel size with an advantageous  shorter  back section. These are LED and a direct replacement and look great and will long outlast the old conventional bulbs... LED’s are polarity sensitive so will only work when wired the right way round  so check before you put the back cover back on your dash. £9.95 each or £18.00 pair. Limited quantities so grab a spare set even if you don't need them now.

Red copper core HT lead 7mm  £11.50/meter

Yellow copper core HT lead 7mm £11.50/Meter

Continental type fuses for the Darmah fuse box above. Available in….

5A Yellow
8A white
16A Red
25A Blue  all at 25p each

Small and compact Blade type fuse box. Theser give a better conection than the original continental type boxes and fuses,

4 way spade terminal. £6.50 each

Quality in line fuse holder for that extra safety when running accessories , just fit in series with your live feed £1.85 each

Std Blade type fuses for the above available in

3A Purple
7.5 Amp Brown
15A Green
25A White    all at 25p each

NGK B9ES for Laverda triples £3.20 each

NGK B8ES For Laverda triples £3.20 each

NGK 5 Ohms Resistor Plug caps for Laverda triples outer cylinders £3.95 each

NGK 5 Ohms Resistor Plug caps for Laverda triples  centre cylinder  £3.95 each

Universal switch LH side. Metal body pretty close to the ND unit used on the Laverda  and Ducati but slightly bigger. Incorporates a choke lever on the under side which can be removed if not needed £59.50

These come with wiring and a plug but you will need to fit a suitable plug to fit your application. Wiring colour code supplied.

Tommaselli universal LH switch gear with lights off/side/main, Hi/lo , indicators, Horn and Flash.

Matches the starter and kill RH side buttons above £77.00

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Darmah style fuse box with correct hole centres.£17.25 each

fuses available in
Red 5A
White 8A
Yellow 16A
Blue 25A

Fuses 25p each.